About SEDA

SEDA started officially on 14th of May 2019. It stands for Stichting Educacion Digital Arubano. It is an organization that helps the youth who was unable to finish their education due to unfortunate circumstances to provide them with a second chance in education in order to achieve their goals.

Mission SEDA

To provide quality education to vulnerable young people, fostering skills, learning and values, developing awareness to progress in life and so that SEDA can achieve its goal of providing equal opportunities in education to all vulnerable young people through digital education.

Stichting Educacion Digital Aruba (SEDA) was officially established on May 14, 2019. SEDA is a non-profit organization. The purpose of SEDA is to provide a second equal opportunity in education to particularly vulnerable groups and any individual in need of it at different levels.

On March 15, 2020 SEDA has started with the Young Adults Moving On project (YAMO).

Stichting Educacion Digital Aruba (SEDA)

The main focus of the YAMO Projects the following target groups:

  1. Teenage parents
  2. Single parents
  3. Young adults unemployed
  4. Young physically disabled

Company Values

Respect, responsibility, honesty, fulfillment, initiative, creativity, punctuality, teamwork.

Vision SEDA

A well-known organization passionate about providing education to all vulnerable groups and individuals

Create educational value by educating vulnerable young people who are committed to their study in order to achieve change in their lives and achieve their dreams in order to achieve a better future.

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